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Thai Buddha Amulets  

for the 7 days of the Week 

7 Days of the Week Buddhas 

7 Days of the week Buddha Images in Wat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand 


Good Luck Birthday Amulets are specific to the day you were born   

and are known for their protective properties.


These Amulets are said to protect you from danger,

bring good luck, good health, success,

general well being and prosperity.



In the Theravada Buddhism of Thailand special attention is being paid to the Birthday Buddha,

 that is the Buddha who is specific to the day you were born.


Like here we all know under which zodiac sign we were born;  Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio,

in Thailand every Thai knows on which day he/she was born and the matching colour.

For example the flags at the Kings Palace are yellow, because the King is born on a Monday,

at the Queens palace all flags are blue because she is born on a Friday.

In general it is assumed that Birthday Buddha's bring special protection to those born on that day.

In nearly all Thai temples are images of the 7 days of the week Buddhas,

one can buy incense in matching colours, donate money and perform special rituals. 


The Birthday Buddha and their specific Birthday Amulets are seen 
as special protectors for those who were born to that day. 


These Amulets orginate from a temple in Thailand and can be worn as a pendant 
around  the neck or clipped on e.g. a bracelet. 
Amulets are sacred charms and make unique gifts !  
To calculate the day your were born see below 

Thai Buddha Amulet Sunday  

Thai Buddha Amulet Monday

Thai Buddha Amulet Tuesday

 Thai Buddha Amulet Wednesday





  Thai Buddha Amulet Thursday

Thai Buddha Amulet Friday

Thai Buddha Amulet Saturday




Calculate the day you are born here:
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Day of the week: 

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